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40 Feet Container Kathmandu – Hamburg

Shipment delivery from Kathmandu to Hamburg wasn’t easy for us due to Covid Pandemic. But, we don’t quit to serve our clients. Even in the darkest time of Covid we are assisting our customers to support their business.

It was Friday morning, After quality and production inspection we did proper loading inspection with help of our QC Inspector and other Officers. We Head to our destination .In delivery of shipments there are some protocols and procedure. By being in protocol we cleared custom duty at Birgung ( boarder line Nepal and India).

After crossing the boarder, we arrived at train station. We load container to train from truck. We move to Haldia seaport after proper shifting of container. It took us 72 hours to arrive at seaport. After sound land shipping our journey continued with sea shipping. It took 45 days to arrive to the Hamburg seaport.  I was long as well as wonderful travelling to Hamburg, German. Our client’s team were waiting our arrival.

After complete unloading of container we had wonder meeting. We provide them QC documents and we end up the contract. This is how we accomplish our shipment to Hamnurg.

And the company is still in touch with us. Very soon, we’re having our next shipment project. 

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